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  • Hello there! I’m Myriam, a passionate French foodie, expat, chocolate aficionado and private tour guide living in Sydney, Australia. This blog is where I talk about the Sydney I love - its diverse dining scene, vibrant creative community, fabulous events and picture-perfect landscapes. Care to join me for a walk?


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As a Parisian born and bred, I love everything food & wine. Give me good company, a great little cafe, a hole-in-the-wall wine bar and a good glass of Burgundy chardonnay, a gourmet bistrot or a boutique pastry shop - and I'm in heaven.

Throw in an extra bottle of French bubbles, Pata Negra jamon iberico and fancy dark chocolate, and I'll be your slave for life. Well, sort of... you know what I mean (PS: honey, you know that's a joke, don't take everything so seriously) (PPS: I'm getting married this year, but George Clooney and Clive Owen, if you hear me, disregard the above).

I'm also passionate about creativity in all shapes or forms - arts, design, fashion, food, dance, you name it. A couple of years ago, I wrote a letter to Santa asking him to pleeease get me a press card so I could be invited to film festivals, dance seasons and art gallery premieres - and stop spending a fortune in tickets instead. Apparently he's still thinking about it. Dude, not to pressure you, but hurry up.

What else? I'm a sucker for sports. All kinds of sports: swimming, tennis, fencing, athletics, volleyball, judo, gymnastics, handball, football / soccer and many more. I just adore the drama and mind games. Oh, and I cry. A lot. Give me a gold medal and I'll shed tears. So beware, if you try to call me during the summer olympics, you'll go straight to voicemail (PS: George, Clive, again, this doesn't apply to you).

Last but not least, I love to travel. In my own city or on another continent, both are great. Which is why, after 10 years working in the PR & Marketing industry, I decided to start my own travel concierge business, I now create personalised itineraries and boutique walking tours around Sydney - as well as occasional tours for foodies and design aficionados to my hometown of Paris.

Thank you for visiting this blog and please email me if you'd like to say hello, make a suggestion, ask me a question or work with me!