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Helen (grabyourfork)

What a brilliant idea. Surely there's no better motivator to get moving than the promise of free macarons. Ironic yes and what a shame we all can't flit over to Paris!


Helen > Thanks Helen! I know, what a pity we don't have our own Macaron Day over here... I promise I'll try to do something for next year, there's no reason we should miss out on such a treat ; - )

Simon Food Favourites

i've actually yet to try a macaron in sydney but have tried the laduree ones in paris. i've got zumbo, baroque and bacco on my wishlist to try :-)


Great idea to have our own Sydney macaron day!

For me, it's Zumbo in Sydney. I have yet to try anything that comes close. As for Paris, it's Ladurée. I'm not patient enough to make my own :)

I wish I'd known about this last week when I posted 2 part Ladurée articles. I could have saved them in honour of the 20th!


Simon > Hi Simon, thanks for sharing! Baroque's macarons are pretty good (made by sister business French pastry La Renaissance). I've yet to try those at Bacco, they're on my list too!


Gourmantic > Thanks for your comment! I know, it's hard to beat Zumbo when comes to macarons in Sydney, right?

PS: just read your posts about Laduree (yummy!). How often do you go back to Paris?



"Not often enough" is my usual response :) I was there last October/November and try to get there every 2-3 years. I get withdrawal symptoms otherwise. I hope you do better than me!


Gourmantic > Ah ah, I so understand the withdrawal symptoms!! I usually manage to go back at least once a year because of work, so feeling quite lucky. Funny, I was in Paris in November as well! We spent a couple of days in Paris to see my family, then went to the Basque Country (my boyfriend's from there) and then another couple of days in Spain - going to Bilbao, Barcelona and El Bulli. One trip to remember!!

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