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Simon Food Favourites

sounds great. i've yet to experience a pop up dinner.

Helen (grabyourfork)

What a beautiful evening and interesting way to explore Australia's heritage. As for iconic dishes, you can't go past hamburgers with beetroot, fish and chips at the beach and lamingtons and vanilla slices for dessert!


Oh wow. I have always wanted to go to a pop up dinner! Thanks for the superb blog post


Mardi > Thank you Mardi - looking forward to our next chat at #nscm!

Helen @grabyourfork > Thanks for sharing Helen! You're spot on with your iconic Aussie food! I remember when I first asked what a Lamington was, shortly after arriving in Australia, and some of my colleagues couldn't believe I hadn't tried a Lamington before. The next day, before you know it, at least 3 of them had brought me a slice of home-made Lamington so I wouldn't have to live another day in ignorance!


It was fun wasn't it? Great to meet you that night Myriam! Thanks for posting the pictures - you've reminded me that I have to try and make that lovely vegetable tea!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

Ooh great recipe Myriam! A reader emailed me about this but the timing didn't quite work. Glad to read all about it here instead! :)


You had me at the marinated crocodile. And I love the way the menu is presented with the cutlery!

PS J'adore le nom "barbe a papa". Ca me fait toujours rigoler!


I always love the idea of secret dinner, i think is the adrenalin rush that show up at a stranger's house and dine with 6 other like minded strangers, with a diverse conversation topics to share. I m yet to experience it... seems like you had a great nite.


Gourmantic > yep, these 2 girls are great stylists and the table looked superb!

Billy @ATFT > exactly, you never know who you're going to meet at these secret dinner parties. Turned out the people there were really lovely, we're even staying in touch with some of them. And there were a couple of other bloggers as well, Trissa from www.trissalicious.com and and Peter from www.souvlakifortheSoul.com. Really great night!

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