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Simon Food Favourites

i could do with some of those right now. so where's some good places to get good chocolate around the eastern suburbs? that link of http://www.latartinegourmande.com is an excellent blog too. love it.


You make the most beautiful chocolate madeleines. I love the defined shell you make...


Simon Food Favourites > Thank you Simon! Yes, La Tartine Gourmande is a great blog, bless her...

So in the Eastern suburbs, I'd recommend Boon Chocolates (Victoria St in Darlinghurst, www.boonchocolates.com.au), Kakawa (William St in East Sydney, www.kakawachocolates.com.au) and then there's a great deli with a pretty good chocolate bar selection in Potts Point, just next door to Woolworths on MacLeay st, it's called Provedore something, I can't seem to find their website, sorry for that ;-)


Trissa > Thank you for that! I've used a silicon form, I really love these. And the secret is to really beat the eggs & sugar for a long time, a bit like when you're making meringue. This way the batter is really light and fluffy and it's easier to get that "shell" imprint.


waouh : Myriam super-Chef! splendides madeleines qui font bien envie ... pour ce qui est de ta remarque sur les chocolats d'origine unique, je suis d'accord et j'ai expérimenté exactement la même chose avec les thés verts d'origine : un peu d'éducation du palais, mais après, quel plaisir dans les nuances subtiles


Merci Marithe!! Oui, c'est vraiment un truc qui me tente, l'exploration un peu plus poussee du monde des thes... Il faudra qu'on s'organise une petite viree en juin quand je serai a Paris?

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