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Jean Conrie

What a fantastic bar! And such a great collection of cognac! I love it. And you didn't mention the cuisine of Alain Ducasse. Knowing you I am sure this is for the next episode.


Merci Jean! They DO have a great collection of cognac indeed. Good idea about a post on Alain Ducasse, this superchef is so busy travelling the worls that it's sometimes hard to follow all his projects at once, but I'll do my best to tell you where he's up to ;-)


I like the intimacy of the bar - the place is not small but you can sit in a corner and feel like you are alone in the world - I really like that.

Have you done a review about the Hemingway at the Ritz? I love that little jump in the past, and feel like a lady each time walk in this long corridor to reach the bar at the other end of the hotel...


Hi Ge, comment ca va?! Yes, I'm like you, I love the intimacy of the Plaza (and great for dates, not that I'm on the market anymore!).

I'm yet to write a review about the Bar Hemingway at the Ritz but we're going there on my Ultimate Gourmet Paris Experience in September, so I'll go there in June to write a review and finetune details with them - stay tuned ;0(

Birmingham Hilton

Wow, what an amazing cocktail, nit must be something new, because I never heard of it before. A Must try! :)

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