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I should have never read this at lunch time. Now meh want!


Hey Myriam and all fellow lovers of the ultimate life...

There are four more things you'll love about Myriam's deluxe artisan chocolate tours;

1) You'll laugh a lot. I haven't had so much fun in ages. It's a 'feel good' as well as an 'eat good' experience;

2) You'll share the experience with other lovers of wonderful living. Myriam just seems to attract fabulous people;

3) You'll hear Myriam describe tour highlights in French (if you ask her nicely). This adds another amazing dimension to the tour;

4) You'll be begging for more. This trip will reset your luxury experience gimbals. Once you've tried it, there's no going back. I hear there's an ultimate Paris experience coming up! :)

Well done, Myriam.

Best, Robin

Catherine White

Hello Myriam

Your chocolate tour took my breath away, not simply because of the scrumptious experience, but my cultural senses were satiated.

At the end of the day I was overflowing with Joy.

I'm going to post a report on my blog when I'm in New York, after I've experienced a chocolate tour in NYC. I feel sure you have raised the bar in this niche market, a point I will make in bold, and underlined.

Your tours are not only about chocolate, they are a cultural experience, and one Sydney is well able to support.

All the best my dear M ~ you deserve every success.

Warm regards


Robin > Well, my friend, thanks a lot for your very kind word - means a lot to me...

It's true I haven't laughed that much in a long time, our little expedition was really fun, wasn't it?! Well, in a way I'm glad we gave our abs a good work-out, because MAN did we eat a lot of chocolate... but only the best so that's OK.

And yes, stay tuned about my ultimate Paris tour - this one will be very special, a once in a lifetime experience with the creme de la creme of "la vie parisienne"!

Dates are September 20-27 and then December 2010 and May 2011 (more info soon). In the meantime, get in the mood by reading this post of mine on the Top-10 bakeries for pains au chocolate in Paris: http://detours.typepad.com/detours/2010/03/top10-bakeries-for-pains-au-chocolat-in-paris.html


Robin and Catherine's words bring all the joys of the day flooding back. I was so thrilled to be part of your tour, I've been enjoying Judith Cantor's and my photos over and over.


I repeat my comments on your earlier post about these remarkable tours. Thank you for being a fabulous host and making the tour so special. I will never forget it - we are so blessed in Sydney to have the finest food experiences - and you know where to find them!

Tony Hollingsworth


Catherine > Thank you my dear, I really appreciate your comment about my chocolate tours being a "cultural experience" as well. Coming from someone as well-travelled and sophisticated as you, this is a major compliment [#blushing-in-front-of-my-Mac!!]

Can't wait to follow your fab adventures in NYC...


ge > I know, that was a bit nasty to post this at lunchtime, so next time the 2 of us catch up in town, c'est promis, I'll bring with me some of the delicious chocolate bars I bought yesterday ;-)


Tony > Thank you mate, I absolutely love your pictures and the way you've captured the day, so beautiful...

And I'm glad you enjoyed the day as much as I did, had so much fun (+ still giggling at the thought of your Bali stories!)

Simon Food Favourites

sounds amazingly yummy and fun. do you visit that chocolate shop on william st called Kakawa as well? http://www.kakawachocolates.com.au i haven't been inside as yet but looks really nice :-)


Simon > Hello there! Yes we do go to Kakawa, it's pretty amazing and the team there is super talented, really nice!! Let's organise a special tour together so you be my guest on one of the next #choctours ;-)

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Explore the world of “haut-chocolate” and join me on an exclusive luxury journey to discover Sydney’s hidden chocolate gems.

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