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What a privilege to experience these artisans in real life! Your Deluxe Chocolate Tour was an enlightening, moving and thoroughly delightful experience. Life changing! I have been talking about it ever since. Just this afternoon I was talking about this experience to a major Australian book publisher - and I will send them a link to this post!

Any one who has the chance to go on this trip is indeed lucky.

When is the next one? Count me in.

Best to you, and congratulations on raising the standard of customer tour experience to a new, brave and exciting level.

Your friend, client and raving fan, Robin :)


Thanks a lot for making this luxury chocolate tour happening Myriam and well done!! There is nothing more to say after reading your post. Boon was fantastic and without you I would not have discovered this amazing chocolate artisan! Look forward to enjoying another new and luxury experience with Mytinerary very soon.


Jean > Awww, thanks a million for that!! I'm really glad you enjoyed the tour - Boon is pretty special, isn't it?! I'm really lucky to be able to share this life-changing adventure with someone like you, thank you for your love and support...

Now I can't wait to start brainstorming my Sydney Champagne tours with you, hopefully some of your Champagne expertise will rub off on me ;-)


Robin > Wow Robin, I'm speechless... Thank you so, so much for your kind comments and amazing support.

I'm very passionate about service and care, and helping people fall in love with Sydney's hidden gems - so I'm glad you enjoyed the experience!

It's such a pleasure for me when I manage to create a spark, a connection between my beloved clients and the inspiring craftsmen and artisans I get to meet as part of my journeys...

But none of this would have been possible without your amazing support and world-class business advice, so I'm forever grateful. Merci du fond du coeur, as we say in French!

PS: if there's any entrepreneur out there, budding or veteran, do yourself a favour and add Robin's business blog www.radsmarts.com to your favourites ;-)


I'm so impressed there is someone of Filipino origin that creates chocolates which pass your standards Myriam! I will have to go there. I love that dark chocolate drink - reminds me a lot of the Philippines...

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