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Robin Dickinson

This is fun, Myriam. I guess part of my ultimate Sydney weekend would include:

* taking a water taxi from McMahon's Point to the Opera House to catch an opera or show, with dinner afterward at one of those fab, hip restaurants;

* shooting down to West-Head/Bantry Bay in a convertible (listening to Mozart) to hop on a luxury cruiser for a tour of Pittwater, with a picnic lunch on one of those secret beaches.

These are but two of my favourite things! (Sounds like a song).

Keep up the great work.

Best, Robin :)


Robin > Like these ideas, definitely my kind of things!! I love the Pittwater area, it's so nice... Recently discovered the Hawkesbury River (did that very special cruise with Australia's last riverboat postman, it was amazing...). All right, now I know who to call if I'm stuck for ideas for my VIP clients ;-)


Myriam you are spot on with those choices. My favourite cafe in Potts Point is Fratelli Paradiso. They do amazing Italian-style breakfasts. Lunch at Icebergs would have been a real treat too - I would recommend the bar area for a cheese plate and wine after the meal. Great views up the beach.

The Strand Arcade is the most beautiful shopping arcade in Sydney - I bet they were impressed.

I look forward to reading about more of your adventures - you certainly know the best of Sydney!

Tony Hollingsworth


prawns and verdhelo watching the sun go down at Cremorne point!

A trip up Port Hacing River in a tinny:)


Tony > Thank you so much for your comments, my friend! Coming from someone like you, who knows the city like the back of his hand, this is a true compliment. I'm blushing now ;-))

And yes, about Icebergs in Bondi Beach, I'm totally with you there. I think going there for a nice drink and a tasting plate in the bar area is actually much better value for money - amazing view and everything. I mean, the restaurant is really nice, mind you, but some of their prices are a bit hard to swallow...

Anyway, I'll make sure to share a copy of the article the journalist will be writing, can't wait to see which spots she preferred out of everything we did!


Charley > Nice one!! Although I live on the Northern beaches, I don't go to Cremorne Point enough - and I know the view is unreal, went there for the New Year's fireworks a couple of years ago. Done, it's on my to-do list now!

Also, I'm intrigued about Port Hacing River, I've never been there, will need to plan a trip someday. Thank you for sharing, really.

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

I love your selection. YOu really highlighted the beaches that we are of course so proud of but those cool bars as well as of course the shopping (a must given the magazine! ;) )


Not Quite Nigella > Thank you Lorraine! Yes, it was a nice mix between shopping spots (there was quite a bit of shoe-shopping!!), sophisticated cocktails and delicious pastries and chocolates. Exactly what the doctor ordered for a girls weekend ;-)

Jordan Jumpman

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Nike Dunks

We support you! Do your best! Wish you everything goes well!

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