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Robin Dickinson

Thank you for a beautiful and mouthwatering post, Myriam. I love your photographs and descriptions.

Merci pour une belle et savoureuse billet, Myriam. J'aime vos photos et descriptions.

Robin :)


Robin > Merci my friend!! I would have loved to bring Basque macarons back home for you to taste, but unfortunately the Australian customs wouldn't have exactly approved ;-)

Jordans Sneakers

I really like your blog's style, and hungry to withstand friends is that: the strict test! So we can carry the absolute trust.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

They sound divine! I am really intrigued by these now. Do stores tend to carry both types of macarons or just one? :)


Lorraine > Thank you darling! I've found that stores tend to sell one type of macarons only. It's very hard to find these macarons outside the Basque Country, and the Basques being a very proud people, local pastry shops would usually feature 'their' macarons only.

There's yet another different sort of macarons you can find in France, they're from St Emilion near Bordeaux, otherwise famous for its red wine. I'll need to investigate and write something about it ;-)


Basque macarons. How intriguing these sound Myriam. I love how rustic and 'pure' they sound. WOW!!


Aww, thanks Deeba! I'm a big fan of macarons in whatever shape or form they come from, but I have to admit the Basque macarons are pretty damn good ;-)

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