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Eliza Jane

So jealous! The class looks like a lot of fun. A great work out for the arms and the stomach :) i love brioche! Well done on your successful braiding!


A beautifully presented and informative post! Congratulations. My favorite bread? That would be cash, right?! ;)

Best wishes, Robin :)


Robin, Robin, you're hilarious!!! Of course, THAT would be your favourite pick ;-)) And will you take butter with that?


Ah ah ah, thank you Eliza Jane!!!

PS: you know what else is funny? In French, "brioche" is another way to refer to someone's "love handles", "pot belly" or "spare tyre". Quite accurate, when you consider how much butter there is in brioche! So I was quite thankful for the workout actually ;-)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

Ahh you would certainly know your good brioche from your bad! Hehe I know bread kneading is like a sport! :P My favourite kind of bread is Turkish bread but fresh only. Oh and pastries. They count right? ;)


Yum... fresh Turkish bread! Lorraine, where do you find really good Turkish bread in Sydney, by the way?

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