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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

I like really good canneles but sadly I've had some rather poor ones too! They seem hard to get quite right! :)


You're right, Lorraine, hard to find good canneles around and some are really average... Baillardran makes the best so when I can, I try to get my canneles from them. My friend Aline, whom you've met before with us in Manly, also makes pretty good ones, I'll save some for you next time she bakes a batch!

Sean Carmody

Black Star Pastry in Newtown does quite good cannelés.

Christie @ Fig and Cherry

Love the shot with the bite out of it! :)


Great, thank you for the tip, Sean! A new visit to Black Star Pastry is definitely on the agenda, then ;-)


Thanks Christie!! And how are you, my dear? Was at an event with Lorraine the other day and she was telling me about your baby shower. You must be Soooooo excited!!


Must-not-visit-Myriam's-blog-at-lunch-time. Meh want now!


Hello Ge! Tiens, je ne sais pas si tu as vu, mais je viens de decouvrir grace a Sean que Black Star Pastry a Newtown faisait des super bons canneles, ca vaudrait le coup de faire une petite razzia un de ces 4 ;-)

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