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Jean Conrie

Beautiful post that perfectly explains why we love Manly and Australia! Excellent!

Claire Lane

Wow, what a great list Myriam! I have to agree with all of them, especially:
- Bacino coffee (NB Barefoot, around the corner past the carpark) is great too, and you must try their chocolate waffles)
- cycling in Manly - it's so easy and safe
- Gazebo - a great place for a drink or two

My only disappointment is that you told people about my favourite secret place!! Collins Beach - when I go there I feel like I am the first person on earth to have discovered it. I guess it's unfair of me to keep it to myself :)

One other thing I would add - the little beaches near Fairlight - they are perfect. I often walk from Fairlight to Manly and sit here and have a gaze out to sea.

Thanks Myriam!


Thank you Myriam! But it's hard on such a beautiful day to read all this, stuck behind a computer....!
I also live in Manly and if I would have something to share it would be to rent a kayak at the wharf and go to Quarantine Station and the other beaches around.
And of course on the way back have a well deserved glass of wine at the Wharf bar to enjoy the last ray of sunlight....

Catherine White

I share your passion for Manly Myriam, which your photos have captured so well.

Your husbands and lovers metaphor is oh so French ...which is precisely what we love about your energy.

A French woman, with Manly (as in the place) sensibilities ~ tres chic.


Ah ah - knew you wouldn't be insensitive to the husbands and lovers metaphor Miss Divine. You're a woman of taste ;-))


Wow, thank you Claire for your really sweet comment! And OMG, I have to try that chocolate waffle NOW!

PS: sorry for spilling the beans on Collins Beach - but the good thing is that there are other smaller beaches to discover around Manly and Fairlight, as you were writing about, so hopefully Collins will never become too crowded ;-)


Merci Jean! PS: darling, you're looking good on these pics with your surf board ;-)


Nice, thanks for sharing Francoise - forgot about going kayaking but it's actually a really good idea for summer!


c'est pas juste!! nous faire cela pile à l'entrée de l'hiver, alors qu'à Paris il fait froid, que les ferries (pardon, les RER) sont en grève ... j'arrive, j'arrive (je plaisante hélas). Très beau post, Myriam, qui donne bien envie de découvrir ou re-découvrir ces endroits formidables. Voila , le commentaire est remis au bon endroit, et repeter des choses sympas, ce n'est pas grave, si ?


Je sais MT, je sais, c'est pas juste! Bon ben au moins tu sais ce qui t'attend la prochaine fois que tu seras la! Bisous

Air Force 1

Took me time to learn the whole guide, the report is wonderful however the feedback carry extra brainstorm suggestions, with thanks.


Ca me fait toujours autant envie moi...


Bonne continuation !

Jen Laceda

Looks like a lovely place to live in. Plus you don't get snowstorms like we do here in Toronto, Canada. Sigh. Dreading winter...


Hi Jen, yes, Manly is a lovely place to live in indeed! Summer lasts a good 6 months here, which is most welcome... PS: we don't get snowstorms but we do get mean tropical storms ;-)


Go scuba diving at Shelly beach!!!! Go skinny dipping at North Steyne beach at night!

I wish I could go back to Manly sometimes!!!!


Christie @ Fig and Cherry

Fantastic round up Myriam! Even though I'm a Sydneysider, I'm not that familiar with Manly, so this is a great list for me to bookmark for a sunny weekend :)


Hi Myriam,
I've been to Manly once, years ago!
Now that I'm permanently based in Sydney, and with your great post, I think it's time to explore a little more!
Sally ~ Helping you create the team you deserve

Manly beach Sydney

Great post. Beautiful pictures. Manly beach Sydney is amongst the best beaches in the city. It provides an excellent opportunity to relax as well as have lots of fun with friends and family.

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