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This sounds magnifique Myriam! Now to see if I can make it!


Thank you Tony!! Super excited about the dessert goodies I've started to put together for the event, think nougat, chocolates, lemon cakes, nom nom ;-))


Count me in, Myriam. can't wait. :)

Champagne Jayne

I'm definitely coming out to play for this - I can't remember how to spell it but when I was studying at Montpellier University I absolutely love those callissons d'aix and used to buy some every week from Godiva.

can't wait to see you in action too!! :-)


Here's hoping himself is not working on the day, because if I come along without him I just know all the bragging and talking about all the gorgeous food will just upset him so!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

I absolutely love this idea Myriam! :D


Robin > Woo hoo!! You're gonna love this Provence fest...

Sally > ah ah, fingers crossed then!

Lorraine > Thank you my dear, I knew something with 13 desserts sounded like your sort of fun too ;-)

Jayne > Oh my God, these calissons d'Aix are just to die for, aren't they? Soft 'pate d'amandes' with that crunchy shell... They're some of my favourite regional sweets from France.


Have sent you an email! We can both come along! Yum!

Rebecca @InsideCuisine.com

Christmas before last I was in Paris not Provence but followed the traditions of 13 desserts. This sounds like a wonderful event. And, thank you for the support of Street Smart too Myriam. x


Sally > Great, can't wait to share this fabulous lunch with you and your significant other ;-)


Thank you Rebecca! I'm really happy to be behind this wonderful initiative - and thanks again for bringing it to my attention in the first place, and rallying the support of Sydney's blogging community.


Well done! What an amazing concept. I will be there for sure.


Merci Jean - I'll see you there ;-)


I'm in with 3 friends :-)


It's looking more likely I can make it! Nom! I plan to pull together a team of us to celebrate with you all - the word is out - stay tuned!



Yeayyy - thank you Tony, you of all people would have a ball at this foodie event!


Super, merci Ge, ca me fera tres plaisir de te revoir et de papoter un peu autour d'un bon verre de rose!


Morning Myriam - what a fabulous idea! Love it so much its my daily gift idea today (http://www.outsideofthebox.com.au/p/daily-gift-ideas.html)

At the moment I have plans on the 11th, but in the process of trying to move them so I can come!


All booked in - I'm bringing my mum. Thought it would be a fabulous mother/ daughter date!


Great - can't wait to meet you and your mum there!

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