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kathryn glendenning

Next time you should visit Sunnybrae cooking school and regional restaurant. Only a slight detour off the Great Ocean Road. Simply fabulous food and the classes are hands on.

Linda ~ Journey Jottings

Beautiful area and conveys so well the ever changing world around us as the coast line gets eroded and stacks collapse - I had to remove one of the stacks off my map in between print runs the last time one of the "12" apostles disappeared into the wild waters below!


Quel beau voyage et quels merveilleux souvenirs, cette "Great Ocean Road" ! je recommande vivement cette balade très "Point Break" !!!


The Great Ocean Road is a trip that is on my bucket list! I have been on many a road trip but this is one that I just haven't got to yet! Thank you for tips!

Gastronomy Gal

Haven't ever been to the great ocean road- but looks like I will hve to go!

Anna Johnston

I loved the Great Ocean Road trip I did 5 years ago and Mr HG & I are headed down to Melbourne in our new car...., so of course, we've gotta do the GOR again. Can't wait.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

Ahh great drive Myriam! Will we see some more reportage from your trip? :)


Nice blog. Regards


Hi Kathryn > thank you for the Sunnybrae tip - I've just had a look on their website and will definitely try to go next time! here's the website in case anyone else is interested: http://sunnybraerestaurantandcookingschool.blogspot.com/

Linda > OMG, you're right, I hadn't thought about how you had to change your Journey Jottings map after one of the Apostles crumbled down! But yes, definitely a 'must-see' in Australia.

Hello MT > Merci pour ton gentil commentaire! Que de souvenirs, j'espere que tu vas pouvoir revenir me voir en 2011 pour aller decouvrir d'autres regions d'Australie?

Sally & Gastronomy Gal > Oh yes, you absolutely have to go - it's really gorgeous and worth spending a couple of days... PS: one of the places we stayed at near the 12 Apostles was "Southern Ocean Villas". Great accommodation, would recommend them: http://www.southernoceanvillas.com/

Anna > Have fun my dear, can't wait to read about your trip on your blog ;-)

Lorraine > Hello my dear! yes, more detailed reportage coming up - although this trip was 'pre-good camera' so not many great shots of food & restaurants... Lots of wildlife, though ;-)

Gosia > Thank you for your kind comment!

Account Deleted

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