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Why, oh why, did we not know you before we went to Paris :(
I guess we'll just have to save our pennies and go again!
Love the tips and reading your personal perspective of the places.


The only comment I have Myriam is if you would consider trading businesses? Transcription isn't as dull as it seems ... really.


Ah ah ah - you're so funny Annalisa! Knowing about the adventures in your life as a thriving entrepreneur in the transcription business, I know it is NOTHING like dull ;-))


Thank you Sally - hope you can travel to Paris again soon! PS: Jesus, I wouldn't want to be there right now, with all the snow, virtually no public transport and lots of grumpy visitors and Parisians... We're better off here in Sydney chilling out on the beach.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

Wow the one place you would recommend we go to? It's got to be good! :D


Hi Lorraine, yes, that's the place I was telling you about - a must do in Paris!


I couldn't agree with you more Myriam. I went there for the first time in December and it is hands down one of my best experiences in the city. I was totally crammed in but thoroughly content munching my way through the dangling menu and shouting my order out at the bar man (who is incredibly efficient given the space he is dealing with). Nice post!

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