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Been there, should have done that. I wasn't born with the right traveling skills. Thanks for giving me these wonderful tips.

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We'll explore the fascinating stories and traditions behind iconic dishes and ingredients such as Espelette pepper, pintxos (the Basque tapas), the famous jambon de Bayonne (cured ham), salt cod a la Vizcaina, txipirones (baby squids) in their ink, the Basque macarons, the Gateau Basque with xapata black cherries, and so much more.

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a glass of delicious matching wine from the Basque Country, coffee, a gourmet goodie bag and fabulous prizes to win on the day.

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Do you want to find out why some of the most talked-about chefs in the world right now are coming from the Basque Country, from Juan Mari and Elena Arzac and Martin Berasategui (3 Michelin stars each) to Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz in San Sebastian

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precedent or not That case came with the appearance of surprise upon the whole profession. It

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Bayonne, the French capital of chocolate looks like a wonderful place to visit for chocolate lovers.

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I'll surely book a flight there to spend my next vacation!

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