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Hi Miriam,
Thanks for sharing your views and photos of Mirazozo. I went on the weekend with my husband and our 6yr old. We all loved it. Didn't really know what to expect so it was a lovely surprise to walk into all that light and colour.
Highly recommended.

Catherine White

Thanks Myriam, I will be sure to check it out, as it appears to be right up my surreal ally. :-)

Richard Tulloch

Hi Myriam,

Liked your Mirazozo post (and enjoyed Mirazozo myself). You walking/eating tours look great too. Excellent posts on the picnic spots, which I shall now start working my way through.

Have you put daggy old Petersham on the list yet?



C'est bon de te retrouver sur ton blog, et avec de splendides images en + ! Mirazozo devrait venir un peu chez nous, égayer notre propre "January blues", un mois interminable, d'au moins 45 jours gris, froids et pluvieux!
Merci, ça fait du bien

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Account Deleted

This place seems amazing to be at. The various lovely colours will give you a delightful feel at this fabulous place. This is among the many goodies Sydney offers for its respected visitors.

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